Getting Set Up to Do Business with Marchon/Altair

As a valued supplier to Marchon and/or Altair, or a potential supplier looking to do business with them, it's critical that your information is current and complete in our systems. Accurate information helps us process invoices and send purchase orders electronically, thus enabling timely payment.

Suppliers must be invited to participate in the onboarding process. To receive an invitation, please work with your business partner or contact

If you do not have access to a W9, please use the form provided.

VSP Substitute W-9 Form

Action - Download Flier

Once your profile is completed and approved, and W9 is received, you'll receive your purchase orders electronically, through the Ariba Network, if you are a member, or via email if you have not yet become a member of the Ariba Network.

To receive payment, be sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • If you are a member of the Ariba Network, all invoices must be submitted to VSP through the Ariba Network platform.
  • Invoices must reference the corresponding purchase order number.
  • Invoices must be submitted as PDFs to the e-mail address referenced on the purchase order.

Questions? Please contact our Procurement team at or