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  What is the VSP Global® Premier Program?
The VSP Global Premier Program delivers MORE opportunities for providers who choose to participate and the VSP members who choose their services. It's designed to bring to participating practices more patients, more value, and more support. With the Premier Program, you can leverage the combined strength of VSP companies and access benefits you won't find anywhere else.
  What are the benefits of participating in the Premier Program?
Choose to participate in the Premier Program and enjoy valuable benefits: access to exclusive offers, increased online visibility on vsp.com, and marketing support to increase your reach and engagement with patients, and more!
  How do I get started?
Sign-in to see your progress. Click here to be contacted by a rep who can meet with you to make a plan.
  I'm not a VSP doctor, so how can I find out more about the Premier Program?
You must be a VSP Provider to participate in the Premier Program. To learn more about joining our network of 34,000 doctors, go to Providers in the main menu and click on Become a VSP provider.
  Is the Premier Program legal?
Yes. The Premier Program is legal and in line with VSP members' best interests–connecting them with doctors who offer the products and services that enable them to maximize their benefits.
  What type of retinal imaging technology qualifies, and can you recommend a vendor?
To qualify for the Premier Program, you must either have retinal imaging capability in at least one practice location or record 5% of WellVision claims with EHM. Here are a few RI vendors you can research: Zeiss, OptoVue, Heidelberg, Topcon, Canon, and Marco.

Online Premier Activity

  How do I check my Premier Program activity?
After logging in, click on My Account in the main menu. You'll see where you are on the path to Premier and the benefits available. Click on the Statements tab to see details of your progress towards each of the Premier targets.
  What information is included in my Statement?
The information includes your Premier targets, based on the number of your practice locations, for: Marchon®/Altair® Eyewear, UNITY® lenses, Eye Health Management®, and Retinal Imaging Capability. Click on each target to expand for more detailed information, showing your current activity for each target. Tips for reaching the Premier targets are also included.
  How will I know if I'm meeting the targets?
There will be a check mark next to each target that your practice is currently meeting.
  Are the online reports secure?
VSP Global is committed to protecting the security of your information, and all security precautions were taken using the latest technology available. Online reports also eliminate the possibility of reports being lost or tampered with in the mail.
  How often will the reports be updated?
Premier numbers are typically updated by the 15th of each month. However, there will be a delay for months following the January and June check-ins.
  Can I print my online report?
Yes, you can view it on your computer screen or print it out for future reference.
  My online report shows inaccurate data for my progress toward one or more Premier targets. Who can I tell?
To report inaccurate data for your practice, please email pathtopremier@vsp.com and we'll respond shortly.

Account Management

  How do I correct the address for my practice?
The address that populated when you registered for the website is the address VSP has on file for your tax ID. To update the address, visit VSPOnline on eyefinity.com and select Practice/Doctor Updates.
  What if I forgot my User ID?
On the Login page, select Forgot User ID, then enter your name and the email address you registered with to get your User ID. Or call 888.867.8867, press 2, and a Vision Benefits Advisor will assist you.
  What if I can’t remember my password?
On the Login page, select Forgot Password, then enter your User ID and email address to reset your password.
  What if my email address changes?
Log in to vspglobal.com, and click on My Account. Enter your new email address, and click Update My Account. You can also update your password if necessary.